Our Faculty

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Faculty Mission

"To graduate highly qualified accredited nurses,
to enrich the profession and the wider society at national and international recognized standard through recruitment of highly efficient, talented and committed staff''

Faculty of Nursing Vision

"Faculty of Nursing Mansoura University will be an example of excellence among other academic Schools of Nursing through achieving highest standards of ethical and professional conduct"

Strategic initiative to achieve our vision and mission (6Es)

  1. Enhance educational environment and update educational programs.
  2. Enhance the quality of the faculty and staff.
  3. Enhance the research enterprise.
  4. Enhance access to clinical services.
  5. Enhance communication with other faculties of nursing at national and international levels.
  6. Enhance highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.

Nursing Philosophy

The philosophy of the faculty of nursing is in accord with the stated purpose of Mansoura University, and has evolved from the belief that nursing, as an academic discipline and profession, is an essential part of health care. The practice of nursing involves caring through the competencies of knowledge components of the nursing philosophy, human beings, humanity, health nursing, skills and attitudes, and meanings in the provision, management, and coordination of comprehensive nursing care for human beings, which serve as the basis of personal and professional growth.

  • Human Beings

    Human beings are holistic autonomous and participating members of families, groups, specialized populations, communities, and society at large. Human beings engage in purposeful action, use all aspects to influence health, have a right to full information, skills and values. Variations exist in age, sex, marital status, race, spirituality, culture, education, geographic region, and socioeconomic status. These diverse factors culminate in the unique and dynamic lived experience of the individual.

  • Humanity

    Humanity is the collective whole of humankind. Humanity is dynamic and thus is a state of continuous evolution. Humanity provides the thriving balance required to maintain and renew humanistic value. Through interdependent relationships, human beings develop the freedom necessary for regeneration of this universal awareness.

  • Society

    Society includes a human being's total environment. Society exists for the good of its members and is responsible for providing an environment that supports and protects the growth and integrity of its members. Society is influenced by the diversity of the people. The basic unit of society is the family. As a member of the social system, human beings contribute to the conceptual evolution of a social organization.

  • Health

    Health is a dynamic and relative state of wellbeing. Health connotes a sense of balance or integrity of a human being. It is both the motivation and resource\s needed to determine and meet life goals, human needs, and requirements for self-care. The health care system is interdisciplinary and is influenced by research and organizational, social, cultural, legal, ethical, economic and political factors.

  • Nursing

    Nursing is a therapeutic, interpersonal, caring process that mutually values and enhances health and embraces the lived experiences of human beings and the dynamic relationships that collectively make up humanity. Nursing is requirements through which competence is ensured.
    Nursing exists to fulfill a societal need for essential health services. The nursing process incorporates critical thinking to form sound judgments that facilitate comprehensive nursing care. Nursing incorporates creative leadership and fellowship within the roles of provider of care, manager\ coordinator of care, and member of discipline\profession. Membership within the discipline\profession is accomplished through professional role development.

  • Caring

    Caring is a therapeutic process that facilitates mutual growth, the attainment of health, and\or a peaceful death. Knowledge, skills, values and meanings and is demonstrated through intrapersonal processes.